Immersion method was first developed and presented by the Bulgarian linguist Lozanov, who offered a maximum use of human psychological abilities for quick and deep learning of foreign languages. Taking into consideration the worldwide experience of English Immersion Courses the leading teacher and President of “Hilton Fund” Irina Belousova has worked out her own method of teaching Russian. Since 1990 there has been Hilton Language Centre in Perm, Russia, implementing her method. As a result of this course the students are full of energy, enthusiasm and ready to speak the language fluently. This method is widely accepted among the linguists as a unique, with the help of which, Russian as well as English can be taught during a 10-day Immersion Course.

Now Russia has proven to be a profitable market and the Russian language is important to speak for International Businesses. Developing the method further, Irina Belousova adopted it for teaching other European languages: the results in other languages are fantastic as well. Since 1990 “Hilton Fund” has held more than 160 Immersion Courses in English, more than 3 600 students now work successfully using foreign languages in their International businesses. Our graduates are managers, statesmen, top-manger and CEOs of different international companies from all over the world (Denmark, Finland, Holland, USA, France, etc.)

“Hilton Fund” would like to offer you the opportunity to take part in our Russian language course. Our Intensive Course will take you just 10 days but the result is amazing!

It is quite obvious that successful language learning is possible only in a comfortable psychological atmosphere that's why we create such conditions by accommodating a group of 15 students and 8 highly professional tutors in a hotel outside the city. So with the help of various teaching methods our students are immersed into the exclusively created Russian speaking environment where every student experiences a new life with a new Russian name and a new profession – everyone has got his own “legend” that makes him feel Russian. All these methods help to overcome the language barrier, not to be self-conscious about mistakes but to USE THE LANGUAGE, rather than JUST “STUDY” IT.

The programme is full of grammar structures, words and expressions for everyday situations that are introduced gradually but quickly, step by step – from simple to more complicated ones. Plenty of interactive methods are used such as making interviews, discussions, making short movies, video-activities, singing, shows, simulating various every day situations in dialogues, etc. making the study process captivating, attractive, involving and effective.

3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

14 hours of Russian every day

As well as lessons in small groups (for 3-4 students) according to the level of language, there will be classes for individuals and there will be classes with all the students and teachers taking part.

Every student is provided with the full language-learning kit: textbooks, workbooks, DVDs, CDs and all the videos, shot during the course. At the end of the course each student gets personal recommendations on their further language self-development for the next 3 months.

Among our students there are also corporative clients. For such clients we offer our language course with some modifications specially altered for this or that profession and industry (Additional Business topics, professional vocabulary, letters, memos, etc.)

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